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and for tourists coming to the u.s. were important for economic growth and immigration was important for a lot of high tech industry and you saw the president position move on some of those and they have done important work in those areas. in this case i am not sure given the collection of high-tech people you'd probably hear a lot about high skilled immigration. broader immigration is defined by more than just what they make. liz: number of people who want immigration, they want a vibrant economy with skilled immigrants and smart immigrants coming in, but that is separate from sealing the border. there is the need to seal the border because you have criminality at the border, aren't those two different issues? speaker they are related, but yes, i think they're separate issues and they start to blend together as you get into these issues about how would it work to verify if employees are or are not legal or should that be a burden put on employers and stuff like that, so do think the issues fo the business people he on immigration and the border or related but i do think there are distinct, ye
happened we had an honest conversation about who pays taxes in the country, what it takes to fund the u.s. government, the fact that the rich really do pay a lot in the way of taxes more than their fair share -- neil: apparently not enough. >> apparently not enough. listen to this important, really interesting information that's coming out from economists. they say it's really hard once you get government benefits to get off because you lose food stamps once you get a job, lose housing assistance, and so there is basically a call cue louse that people who did on the government bill, they say, look, we're going to lose money. we'll stay with the government rather than getting a job. those important debates happen right now in a time, of course, when we're in fiscal duress. neil: wane rogers, a lot of big companies pay no taxes at all. last year, ge finding out it didn't pay any taxes, but now we found it with names like linked in and a host of others, including facebook, but whatever their enterprise is and gazillion dollar enterprises and rates like they don't pay a dime. this situation i
there is two types of government agents in u.s., those who have been hacked by china, and those who don't know they have been hacked this happens roughly a hundred times a day, attacks coming in from china from all sorts of places mostly guangdong province, this is say military effort. charles: michelle. no react, i rarely hear anything from washington in a political realm we hear china manipulating currency but no one talked about this which seems more dangerous? >> it is a same we don't see this obama administration holding countries accountable. when we belief that this is state sponsored, we're not tracking aboutseless information, we're talking about our country intellectual property our secrets, you know it has a lot to do with the organization itself and the department, you see study after study show a lot of people in i-t believe that majority of people in i-t believe that cyber security improvement believes that the policy that the organization imminents this was a -- implements this is not just fault of department of energy but it is carelesess on their hard. charles: gordon we've
into body that doesn't know how to practice it. that was the u.s. congress. liz: why isn't president obama being criticized for breaking his no taxes in 2008? >> he should be. he has an early lead on anything. he should be leading congress to make policy changes around taxes. it also around entitlement reform. he has to reform government and we need to reform our tax code. i think reforming government is even more important than reforming our tax code right now. we have to get entitlement growth under control and we have to relax regulations rather than impose new ones. right now we have the overhang of the regulatory burden stifling creativity and our economy. so we have an overregulated the economy that is suffering through a likelihood that tax rates will go up even more. all of that is a bad formula for growth when it comes to what should be happening in our entrepreneurial grounded capital system that should be there creating jobs. liz: you make a good point. americans know that if we want to make entitlement state, if we want the entitlement machine running full bore in washington dc
are worried about the state of u.s. economy, economists predicting just a 2% growth this year, which is not much, many hope much of the president's speech focuses on the u.s. economy, neil cavuto will cover the speech all night tuesday night right here on fox business. but first, to tucker carlson, monica metta and a guy who will cover it with neil tuesday is peter. >> the white house said that president's inaugural address laided up on some big themes that president wants to talk about and advance in his second term, that we need to wait for state of the union for him to get into some detail on what he wants to do. so, we are expecting that he will offer more details but, i would not expect any change in broad themes. liz: what we're expecting is gun violence, immigration reform, and tax reform, and energy? what is missing? >> climate change,e'll talk about that too. these are the issues that the president cares about. liz: what is missing? >> growth. the president's main concern is income inequality, he does not read the w "wall street journal" he is focused on leveling the play ar
. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. neil: no sooner had american and u.s. airways announced their merger than rockefeller of pointing on the deal, warning it could hurt consumers, to u.s. airway ceo douglas parker, and amr ceo douglas horton, welcome to you both. mr. parker to you first, on the senator's fears it would hut consumers, what do you say? >> well, we're happy to address the senator's concerns, this merger is great for consumers, we have two complimentary networks over 900 routes served by two airlines only 12 have which overlapped. we putting it two airlines and fly to more places for more people, it will be good for consumers. neil: do you get a sense. address this to you mr. horton, that there is a consolidation going on in the industry. after delta bought northwest, and united and continental, and southwest, and they are 4 super carriers here. so by just the virtue of fewer choices there is a fear that they will get stuck behind the 8-ball, lay the elay them of thr concern. >> i think it enhances competi
is forking over for h.j. heinz, and the 11 billion-dollar merger between amr and u.s. airways. and i'm not including anheuser-busch more than big numbers and big deals. a big question. why is all this happening right now? why in an environment where taxes are going up a lot, why are we back to the deals with the likes of which we haven't seen since those lazy and hazy, much lower tax rate of 2005? well, it could be that companies simply have no else where else to put their cash or maybe it is all part of a big bunker mentality. too risky to start something new. so they are just buying out arrival or two in their own business. the deals are back. usually that is good for investors. but before the president takes a bow and since christmas, maybe you should take note that these guys are spending all this money, not as an endorsement, maybe as a defense against it. the real story behind all of this, we have matt schuett. what is going on? >> well, there's a lot of cash out there. not returning anything. borrowing costs are very low. stocks are pretty cheap. we have an environment where g
. >> that is not the case. honestly we are a major competitor for china. we need to understand u.s. mentality. you get into the intellectual property. one analyst actually said that china has stolen as much intellectual property, about 50 times the amount of information in the library of congress. we are talking about major information that they are getting and this has been going on time and time again. these major, sophisticated technology companies such as apple and facebook and such as google, yet, they are flat out denying it with what we do know, for example, in 2010 when google announced that they had major intellectual property. the state of bombing came out and they said clearly it was from the chinese government that has storm is property. these are allegations that they are going to continue to deny. but we do know that there is one thing about a communist government. and they are rigorously knowing what is going on and what these hackers are doing. neil: they can't be leaving these fire, so is are going we do know the chinese anything like we owed them today. >> china is a much more seriou
a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >> who can make harness out of haywire, who planting time will finish his 40 hour week by tuesday noon. and put in another. david72 hours so god madea farm. david: that ma magnificent doj , showing how america used to be. a police sergeant said he was due overtime pay, but he was not on the clock. he was answering worker mails on his blackberry. sherri, is this a good way of the way work ethic used to be. >> it is right on target, chicago police deputy should be ashamed. you have to look they want
, and now soaring utility bills. this is spreading to every fascet of u.s. economy we're told that winter has weeks left, growing signs this evening this keeps up the same could be said of the recovery itself. phil, you follow this, what is going on? >> you know we had everything that could go wrong, go wrong. we had refinery issues, hurricane sandy, and refinery fires, this is around the country, on top of that because of fed fed policy, -- federal reserve policy the price of oil has gun up over $10 a barrel in under a month, that is a recipe for sharply rising prices. neil: normally that stuff creeps up in other areas not good. >> i actually am more amount mystic. -- optimistic, fuel costs represent about 4% of pretax income. i think that the consumer has lost that payroll tax credit, they are still spending they are not increasing it but they are maintaining their baseline. other thing that should bring optimism they are increasing level of nonrevolving borrowing, they are setting themselves up to purchase big ticket items, under the stats, give you a sense there is a left of consumer
, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business o small. >> tax tra keeps rolling along but spending cuts gets derailed, i'm david asman in for neil cavuto, now they have the republicans number. senate democrats push to delay automatic spending cuts, for another three months, and the same time they demand tax hikes to be in go kind of short-term deal. sounds like groundhog day, and john lay feel said that would drive the economy into the ground, mattie, andoirk connel oh, connel are joining us thank you. we know what the democrats want. they want more responding and higher taxes anyway they can get it. the question is what the republicans are going to do about it. so far they have been snuckerred by the guys, what do you think that the republicans will do? >> i think they should tell them, you got what you wanted. what are you going to do? we knew and said you will get about 40 billion attract dollars by raising taxes on upper income, rich, whatever you want to call them. we still have a deficit over $1 trillion, they said they would run on this like fdr, and andrew jack
of u.s. bankers, it could have been worse. sandra smith, and cyber security expert are concerned, if the fed is not safe from these attacks who is? >> this is a vital organization, there are many out there, this day in age this is a very real concern, a very real threat to companies, in this case it was the st. louis fed emergency communication system, that is used in times of natural disasters, when messages need to be sent out, some things vehicle happened. but one of the vendor was responsible for the breach, however i find it amusing. they see that the breach was short lived, i said they broke into the fed they founding in in nothing there but ious and banker names. a bunch of debt. charles: that is a great point, but if the federal reserve is not safe, then that means no one is safe, right? >> well, actually, this is really a growing concern, not only large institutions but commercial banks and companies, should be concerned about their on-line banking activity. or other activity that they are using today. charles: no doubt everyone is concerned, but despite the concern, ano
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was thinking a lot of people saying more what the standard u.s. corporate tax rate, up to 40% or not that is like a sticker price, you may pay, but oil industry does. that is what they pay. oil stray, that makes a lot of money, it pays a lot back, its contribution collectively to the coffers is equivalent to the gdp of latin america, but -- keeping all this going, i understand that washington wouldment to collectively say thank you. but, they areardly deserving of a screw you. >> president oma loves to demonize oil companies, and he said in last state of union address we could save billions by getting rid of tax loopholes, yet he is the guy in power, he said he agrees with republicans in congress about lower the corporate tax rate, why have we not seen any act, i hang on is full of words. >> i have something to add, president had i think at least three commissions, we talked about this many times, that have all recommended same thing, get rid of junk in tax code, lower rate on, side, much more effective. paul volcker who headed president obama a tax commission said that is co
a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. neil: look at that, moving closer and closer to a record. and look at your house, at least moving closer and closer to the right direction, up in price. i'm here to argue there is a connection. histocks to advancing as long housing is improving and lately home prices and building have been searching for my latest crackpot theory, this keeps happening, a new record is coming. whether the disturbing news unexpected drop is signaling we are getting a little ahead of ourselves on housing. wells fargo housing market index down to a reading of 46 from 47 in january. not a calamity but a concern. this connection between the two. what do you think? >> there's a direct correlation. housing industries about 4% of gdp. as it improves, people get to work, getting back to 2005 levels putting people back to work. i don't think that is the reason the market has been going up. neil: you don't have to jump ugly with me. i don't know who leads whom here, but in the '87 cras87 crad we can argue with real estate ou
for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of ts. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> so questation i raising is a- sequestration is a disaster. >> it will cut money for fema. neil: all right you heard them, if those automatic cuts kick in. three billion bucks meant for sandy clean up will begun. david said that obama administration chose to put sandy on the chopping block to make the scary point, christina is wondering why congress cannot salvage it for victims like her. she has been in her home since the storm hit in october, what do you make of this idea. latest excuse, you are in a pickle because of the sequestration? do you buy that? >> no. neil: what do you think they are up to. >> you know, i just, i think that the relief effort is still not reaching the hurricane victims. i had issues with the red cross. i have to tell y i'm starting to think, i'm going to take a lot of heat for saying that, i am thinking that red cross is the biggest scam going. neil: now. the problem have you been having, they were -- they were problems lo
in the u.s. >> i agree there are many examples, everyone should pay their taxes. what would you establish as a take the loophole out, and set a new tax rate, what would it be? >> go back to 1960s, very prosperous, relatively speaking, high employment. all of it comes around 30%. give or take. that is a good mean. and for. neil: at the same time we had a 92% -- individual rate, or would you? >>, not. and very few people handful of them paid that. >> you argue, if we just do that, and you are right, you hear establish top tax rate, pegged pretty much for top individual rate they pay that like individuals pay, very few are. how do you correct that? what do you do anything forward to correct that? this could raise a lot of money? >> you get rid of what are called tax shelters, loopholes away corporations shift tens of billions of u.s. profits to tax havens, through royalties paid to patents held by their own subsidiary, and the zero-tax attack haven, and you -- tax half in, you get rid of what larry summers said, a lot of the exclusions that have deferred taxes over values assets, derivative
a hearing like this, we are seeing this u.s. national debt and political prop. >> the national debt clock will not be put on the screens during democratic time. neil: out of sight and out of mind. a ruling debt clock is a political ploy by republicans. republicans calling foul. my next guest says there is a party double standard. okay, they almost reminded me of vampires that you se. but the debt clock is what the debt clock is. spending more than a chilly in dollars and we are taking in. >> you know, the idea that people would object to this. it is too rich for my blood. i'm trying to reduce my cholesterol. the problem with the debt clock is not that it is showing up in congress, but that congress is racking up so much that that it doesn't even have time. it can't pass a budget because it's too busy sending us into the poor house. it's time to take it that seriously. economists, virtually every economist agrees that racking up too much debt and that to be a major drag on the economy and long-term economic growth. which is supposedly what everybody, republican and democrat, farmer and bus
have here, right? >> global production 90 million barrels, u.s. consumes 20% othat, 18 million barrels per day. expected to go about 10% in 2013, but there's a t more we can be doing to address that shortfall. neil: i hear experts like you said that and the state of the union address saying we have never been drilling for as much oil as we are drilling now and open a contract to the degree we have now and i scratchmy head saying man, oh man, i am confused. speak the majority of the production growth has been on state land, not federal land. when he says we will streamline permitting all t above, we welcome that. we just have yet to see that. neil: lot of the increased activity has yet come to pass. so it might sound good on paper, but the reality is we are not presently the beneficiaries of more oil we are tapping here. so, when he targets your industry, take away the tax breaks, whatever they are, you can afford it, and give them to promising technologies, solar, wind, etc., what do you think of it? >> we need all the above approach. wind, solar, nuclear, coal, natural gas, all the so
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, are out of work for more than 6 months, knowing that two-thirds of all people in u.s. live paycheck to paycheck, the bottom line, we have a lot of issues at hold, you look at exit poll, people, voters care about jobs and the economy. one month into the new year, we're talking immigration reform and gun reform, i don't understand why politics are ignoring what voters are vocally saying are their pop priorities. >> top issue you say that voters are thinking about? >> job, and the economy. number one and number two. tom: so, is this just a head fake? change the topic, change the convery vague? >> -- conversation. >> immigration reform as huge economy consequences in a positive way, adding there were million people to tax role would be a huge benefit, estimates put price tag a 5 billion in revenue, 1.5 trillion over the course of 10 years, added to go, dp, one in four businesses are owned by an immigrant, and one in 10 jobs created by an immigrant owned, we're talking about adding a history of hard working folks, history of america is immigrants come to this country, work hard in jobs t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)

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